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What is Newfocus?

The information below describes our ministries prior to COVID-19. We’ve changed some of our ways of operating to adapt to the unique health and distancing needs of this situation and of our people. Please contact the church (920-261-7237) if you need any further explanation.

“Newfocus is a faith-based addiction recovery program for those who want more than just a label and more empty promises.” Newfocus meets every Friday night at Calvary Baptist Church from 7:00pm-8:00pm. We also do a Facebook Live at 6:30. Not only does Newfocus offer testimonies by real people who are seeing real victories over their addictions, you will also find at Newfocus a loving support network through Calvary Baptist Church.

Through several meeting opportunities each week, Calvary, in conjunction with Newfocus, offers teaching and training to help you deal with the core issues that make the battle over addiction so hard. We want to help you see and deal with the root of the problems, “the reason behind the reason” for your addiction and offer hope through the gospel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Newfocus is a place to get in touch with resources that address your needs. To help you retrain your thinking and track your progress, we encourage you to keep a personal journal that we will supply. After you complete your own personal newfocus plan you will join a focus group for your accountability and encouragement.

Each focus group is facilitated by a Newfocus coach that will help you in your journey toward freedom in Christ. The first material you will go over is a 13 chapter study using the book Winning the Inner War. Using your personal journal, you will be able share with your focus group your victories and questions. (Materials have a suggested donation of $15.)

Most people agree that although you can gain a habit in 30 days, changing a habit usually takes about 90 days. To maximize your potential for success we strongly encourage you to commit to at least 90 days. Along with our weekly meetings, we also encourage you to attend Calvary where you can build new relationships, be involved in new activities, and get help to deal with other related core issues.

Newfocus meetings begin with a casual time of refreshments where you can meet new people. Next, there will be a positive time when folks can share victories and give some general public prayer requests. After this opening time, a message is presented dealing with a relevant topic. After this 45 minute message we break up into small groups of men or ladies where the Newfocus coach facilitates open, frank, and confidential discussions around the lessons you are learning and the questions you have as a student. People are generally in no hurry to leave and fellowship is encouraged.

Newfocus Covenant

We humbly realize we are not God (Col 1:16; Rom 7:8), we admit that we are powerless to control our tendency to do the wrong thing (Rom 3:10-11) and that our lives without the Lord always become unmanageable (John 15:4).

We believe that God exists (Col 1:17), that He loves us (Rom 5:6, 8), and that He has the power through Christ to help us recover from any compulsive behavior, addiction or any other destructive sin (2 Peter 1:10; Phil 4:13).

We consciously choose to commit all our lives and wills to Christ’s care and control (Rom 6:16-18), to make Christ, who is fully satisfying, and not ourselves our primary focus.