Dwayne and Angela Morris were both saved at early ages: he in California and she in Indiana.  They met in college, fell in love, and began their teaching careers, but have always had a heart for local church ministry.  God placed them in several different churches throughout their years together in Illinois and Wisconsin, until God finally called them to Calvary Baptist Church.

Dwayne and Angela have a passion for today’s unsaved, unchurch teenagers.  They love interacting with these teens about big questions like…is there a God, and how do you know, and what is God like, and why would you believe the Bible, and why would you believe in creation, and why does God allow suffering, and who really was Jesus?  These teens need more than answers.  They need real Christians, real models, and real love.

Dwayne and Angela also enjoy the Christian teen who is seeking to grow.  They love Bible studies with teens in their home so they can dig deep into the word, have honest and open discussions, and enjoy bacon, or donuts, or ice cream together.

Angela’s a linguist.  She loves working with English-as-second-language learners and seeks to weave the gospel into learning the American cultural experience.  Dwayne’s a hunter.  He loves taking teens to the rifle range for small talk that’s on target physically and spiritually.  They both love mission trips.  They’ve taken teens to Alaska, New York City, Seattle, and elsewhere so that teens can experience ministry up close and personal.

All in all they seek for teens at Calvary to embrace a simple but profound life philosophy which they have distilled into four key statements: (1) I am pursuing an authentic relationship with God because He is my creator and redeemer, (2) I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says in His word, (3) I exist every day to demonstrate God’s glory by loving broken people, and (4) I am committed to Christ’s church – my core group for community, fellowship, and ministry.

And as they serve, they seek to experience what Psalm 100 encourages: serve the Lord with gladness and come before His presence with singing.

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