Raven Ministry

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Meeting Physical & Spiritual Needs

“The Raven Ministry exists to reach the people of Watertown by meeting their physical needs and addressing their spiritual needs.” Calvary Baptist Church recognizes that Watertown is a strategic setting for this type of ministry for three specific reasons.

1. Watertown does not have a homeless shelter. This means there is little recourse for those struggling to make it on minimum resources. With no homeless shelter, the responsibility of feeding and taking care of the poor is very ambiguous.

2. Calvary has an addictions ministry called NewFocus. This ministry is goes hand-in-hand with those struggling with addictions and scarce resources in Watertown.

3. The proximity of Calvary Baptist Church to Watertown is so close that people are encouraged to visit. The ministry is not just set on making converts, but long-term disciples that can continue to grow in Christ-likeness under the instruction of the local church.

Raven Ministry Logistics

There are 3 specific parts to the Raven ministry.

1. Giving/Donation: The Raven Ministry is based solely on the donation of the people at Calvary Baptist Church. There is a bin located in the foyer of Calvary for food donations. Materials needed for the Raven Ministry include: Bread, peanut butter, honey, jelly, granola bars, fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), bottled water Those wishing to donate to the Raven Ministry please feel free to contact Don & Linda Winterland.

2. Assembly/Prayer: On Wednesday nights immediately following the service, those interested in helping with the Raven ministry will gather in the CBCS kitchen to assemble lunches. The assembly period takes about 15-20 minutes, and all ages are invited to take part in this aspect of the ministry.

3. Distribution/Discussion: Following the Wednesday night assembly, the responsibility of distribution falls on you as an individual. Lunches will be ready to be picked up about 5 minutes after the service. Feel free to grab a group of friends, take the family, or ask a partner to accompany you and head to one of the locations in Watertown. The goal is to distribute the materials, but also to have meaningful conversations with those who are struggling in Watertown. If you’d like to eat with the person, pray with the person, or simply have a conversation, those are all encouraged, however, this portion is left up to you as an individual to own and execute to God’s glory!